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Emergency Nurses Gifts

Emergency Nurses Gifts

October 8-14, 2017 is Emergency Nurses Appreciation Week

Through their compassion and knowledge, your emergency nurses make an enormous difference when every second counts. Recognize all they do to ensure the best outcome under pressured situations with distinctive appreciation gifts that praise their commitment to patient care. Choose from Positive Promotions' exclusive motivational themes like Proud Member Of An Awesome Emergency Nursing Team, and show thanks to these dedicated everyday heroes. Don't forget to thank all your Surgical Team and Operating Room Team members.

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Positive Promotions recognizes that every minute matters when it comes to acute illness or trauma. Your emergency nurses are ready to provide quality patient care at any moment. The specialty unit of emergency nursing requires both general and specific knowledge of health care in order to provide services for any number of illnesses or injury situations. Show your staff how much you appreciate their professionalism, efficiency, and caring during Emergency Nurses Week or any day of the year.

Celebrate your nursing team by presenting cost-effective gifts form Positive Promotions' wide selection, including lunch bags, backpacks, tech accessories, and more. With the help of healthcare professionals, we've developed inspiring motivational messages to display on our appreciation gifts, from Emergency Nurses: When Minutes Matter to Superheroes In Scrubs and more. All our themes are designed to further compliment your emergency nurses for their care and commitment.

Let your emergency nurses wear their professional pride with our collection of comfortable and stylish apparel that includes short- and long-sleeve emergency nurse t-shirts, along with classic scrubs tops and fleece jackets. Present everyone with retractable badge holders or lapel pins featuring messages of appreciation that keep dedication on display. Discover practical accessories like notebooks, umbrellas, and USB chargers to help you reward your team and still remain within your budget. Whatever you're looking for, count on Positive Promotions to help applaud the heroic efforts of your emergency nurses.

Emergency Nurses Week™ is a registered trademark of The Emergency Nurses Association