Employee Of The Month Lapel Pin Pack

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Stock up on these handsome lapel pins to award to your Employee(s) Of The Month throughout the year. Pack includes jewelry-style lapel pins, each distinguished by a different colored accent stone and indicating the month of the year in which it was awarded. Pins in the set come individually packaged in a velvet-lined jewel box presentation case.

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4 Stars

Employee of the month pins

, September 27, 2012

Better than I expected them to be. My only hesitation in buying them was because the picture was not of the actual product. I like that each month is different and comes in its own case.

5 Stars

Employee of the Month Lapel Pin is a Big Hit!

, September 26, 2012

Our employees so appreciate being recognized and awarded this excellent quality lapel pin! We also present them with the Employee of the Month keychain that you can purchase from Positive Promotions as well.