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Get unique, budget-friendly employee appreciation gift ideas at Positive Promotions, where you'll find a terrific selection for any special occasion or accomplishment. Discover employee recognition gifts to take to off-site team-building events or to keep in the office for impromptu rewards. Use award pins to acknowledge a staff member going above and beyond, and hand out promotional cups or lunch bags during Employee Appreciation Week. Our desk accessory gifts make practical work anniversary awards, or to acknowledge employees for their help with volunteer committees and special projects.

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For unique employee appreciation gift ideas, check out the wide selection of promotional products available here at Positive Promotions. Originally created after numerous customer requests for original ways to honor their staff, our recognition gifts are still among our most popular offerings. We carry hundreds of custom gifts for team members to help reward them for their hard work and dedication, and to make your campaigns a success.

From travel mugs and award ribbons to personalized pens, custom key chains, and everything in between, our fun employee recognition ideas provide a worthy reward and a distinctive thank you for a job well done. Not only will they help bolster the employer-employee relationship, but might inspire everyone else in the company to work harder in hopes of one day earning similar accolades.

There are so many reasons to recognize staff members that go above and beyond, including team-building events, award celebrations, and other special occasions. Award pins and certificates are thoughtful company appreciation gifts to give to those celebrating work anniversaries or completing special projects. Or give practical desk accessory gifts employees can use in their day-to-day tasks.

At off-site events, take along team appreciation gifts to share with staff members during the day. Make it fun by rewarding star players of challenges, or provide winning teams with something memorable like drinkware and apparel. You can also share lapel pins employees can wear at work to commemorate the day. And for staff members that are unable to participate, leave desk accessories in their cubicles and workstations to help foster strong teamwork.

We also carry staff appreciation gift ideas that encourage and motivate employees to continue excellent performance. Hand out promotional cups so employees have an easy way to stay hydrated in the office or out in the field. Keep award pins handy for offering to team members caught going above and beyond during the workday. Surprise them with tote bags or lunch bags during department meetings or staff luncheons. You can also use our company appreciation gifts at employee recognition gatherings like a staff brunch or after-hours party.

Our quality apparel choices make wonderful ideas for workplace rewards, especially when customized with your logo or message. They're perfect for company fundraising events, department outings, or corporate sports teams. There's always a time for employers to show some appreciation to their staff. At Positive Promotions, we are glad to offer employee recognition awards and other personalized products, and even to discuss ideas with you as you search for that perfect way to express your company’s gratitude.