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Employee Wellness Activities

There are some incredibly easy employee wellness activities you can implement to encourage people to take better care of themselves. Small budget? No problem. Reach out to your employees to see if there is someone who can volunteer to teach Yoga or meditation. Organize a weekly lunchtime or end of day sports league and schedule basketball and soccer games at nearby schools or parks. Create company-wide fitness challenges and see who walks the most steps. Change up your vending machines with healthier snacks and beverages.

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Ordering incentives from Positive Promotions, imprinted with your organization's logo or message, is a proven way to enhance your employee wellness activities and related programs. To really get them off to a great start, shop our website for ideas and budget-friendly products designed to help make your events the best ever!

Try planning brown bag luncheons and passing out our reusable lunch totes and food containers, decorated with your imprint. You can also offer chair massages and group stretching. Motivate staff to use their breaks or part of their lunch hour to walk, and give those who do so our water bottles and pedometers. Encourage managers to hold walking meetings, and provide our clipboards to take along for notes.

There are many benefits to promoting employee wellness activities, including improved staff morale, the use of fewer sick days, and increased productivity. Use the ideas listed here to show your staff that you’re invested in their health and well-being. Make Employee Wellness Month the start of a healthy and successful year!