EMS Pens

Ems pens

EMS pens are everyday essentials your crew will surely appreciate. There's always a reason to have a writing instrument ready for filling out reports, taking notes on a call, or jotting down important numbers and instructions. Given as recognition gifts, or kept handy at your facility for team members or visitors to use, our wide variety of EMS-themed pens is worth writing home about!

Here at Positive Promotions, our selection of EMS pens is just "write" when looking to show your appreciation with a small, but memorable gesture. Our colorful collection features excellent choices for an EMS Week celebration, as well as daily rewards and everyday use. You can even choose to have some at hand during open houses and community events.

We offer stylus pens that feature soft rubber tips for navigating touchscreen devices and tablets, a practice becoming increasingly popular with EMS teams. You'll also find a practical 3-in-1 gift that combines a ballpoint pen, stylus and flashlight, for three great uses in one essential reward. In addition, our gift sets pair EMS pens with notebooks or wallets, all featuring exclusive appreciation themes that praise your team's dedication and commitment.