Celebrate Field Day 2015!

Hold a memorable Field Day of fun fitness events with rewards of Field Day medals and prizes from Positive Promotions. We carry colorful Field Day shirts and sports water bottles, along with fun tags, bracelets, stickers and ribbons. You'll find Field Day ribbons for first, second and third place event winners and lots of colorful participant ribbons with positive messages. Stock up on Field Day awards for kids, teachers and volunteers who help make the day of fresh air and fitness a great success.
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Plan a fun Field Day at your school with the help of unique Field Day prizes and gifts from Positive Promotions. From Field Day shirts to sports water bottles, our large selection of budget-friendly promotional items provides an easy way to recognize and reward students during the annual outdoor event. We have Field Day ribbons for participants and winners, and Field Day medals that make kids feel as important as Olympians. During the day, offer Field Day awards for winners of various events, for those showing outstanding sportsmanship and to volunteers helping to make the day a success.

In spring, Field Day is often held during April to give students a well-deserved break from their studies – outdoors in the fresh air where they can have fun competing in fitness activities. Ahead of time, get Field Day shirts in bright colors to hand out to students so they can wear them on Field Day. Stock up on Field Day ribbons for winners, and participant ribbons with positive messages. Along with these Field Day awards, get plenty of sports water bottles to have available at refreshment stations.

During Field Day, plan exciting competitions that encourage teamwork, like a traditional tug-of-war. You can even use Field Day shirts in different colors to designate teams or specific classes taking part in the competitions. Award Field Day ribbons or Field Day prizes from Positive Promotions, like fun stickers or colorful bracelets, to winners of relay races. And hand out Field Day awards to second and third place winners, and those who stand out as MVPs.

Hold individual Field Day competitions for kids to show off their sports skills. Hand out personalized Field Day shirts to winners of potato sack races, push-up contests or even fun hula hoop competitions. For partners, award Field Day ribbons to students teaming up to run three-legged races or participating in water balloon tosses. And Field Day awards like colorful sports water bottles can be provided to everyone taking part in the fun and fitness.

At the end of Field Day events, gather everyone together for a fun ceremony and thank you presentation. Hand out Field Day shirts to teachers, volunteers and parents who helped plan and carry out the event. Award Field Day ribbons and medals in an Olympic-like ceremony to the top performers of the day. And hand out Field Day awards from Positive Promotions to kids who demonstrated good sportsmanship, citizenship and teamwork throughout the day.