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Get set to hold an exciting, memorable Field Day! It’s a great time to let kids get out, be active, and have fun, while at the same time fostering a sense of good sportsmanship and teamwork in your school. Our Field Day collection is filled with all of the event awards and incentives you need to motivate your students to work together, encourage each other, and celebrate all participants. From colorful sports water bottles, personalized Field Day t-shirts, and white t-shirts to ribbons, stickers, and more, you'll discover exclusive, colorful themes including Make Every Day Field Day: Get Out & Play.

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P8836 McKinney-Vento
Field Day 2017 Virtual Catalog

Make this year's Field Day one to remember by using distinctive prizes and awards from Positive Promotions. From water bottles available in a variety of colors and positive messages, to bracelets and temporary tattoos, to Field Day ribbons and medallions for first, second, and third places—as well as everyone who participates—you'll find a wide selection of gifts students will love to receive, at budget-friendly prices you'll appreciate.

Our motivational Field Day t-shirts feature exclusive designs and come in many different colors to help designate teams or specific grades and classes taking part in competitions. Try classic White T-shirts or opt for Neon, Tie-Dye, or Full Color T-shirts, then choose from our many exclusive Field Day themes. You can also add your school name, team names, or custom slogans below our stock designs to create an extra-special giveaway. These personalized shirts also make terrific fundraising ideas when raffled off or sold before the event.

There are so many ways to use our Field Day incentives, including setting up fun and friendly activities throughout the day. Plan games that encourage teamwork, like a traditional tug-of-war, relay races, or fitness challenges. Hold individual events for kids to show off their sports skills, such as potato sack races, push-up contests, or playful hula hoop competitions.

For fun partner games, try three-legged races, water balloon tosses, or a game of your own invention. One suggestion is a game where partners work together with water bottles to soak big sponges, then run to a bucket to wring out the sponge, the winner being the one who fills up the bucket first. Champions from any of these competitions could win a personalized white t-shirt or colorful bracelet, and all who enter could be given a commemorative Field Day ribbon, button, or sticker. And don't forget to have plenty of sports water bottles on hand at refreshment stations, preferably kept under a canopy or in the shade.

After the activities, gather everyone for a ceremony and thank-you presentation complete with Field Day medals, acknowledging not only the top performers, but also children who demonstrated good sportsmanship, citizenship, and teamwork throughout the day. And be sure to show your gratitude to all the teachers, volunteers, and parents who helped plan and carry out your fun and successful Field Day event.