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Teaching children to save so they can build the skills of smart spending and develop good money-saving habits early is something they can profit from in their adult lives. Positive Promotions' financial-education tools can help banking institutions and schools instruct children about these important details, including our best-selling activity books, paper banks, and bookmarks. Kids will also enjoy learning when you sweeten the pot with piggy banks, stickers, sticky notes, colorful pencils, and fun dollar sign and currency-themed products.
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It's never too early to educate children about the value of a dollar. A lifetime of good spending habits can start as soon as they're old enough to recognize and possibly even identify money. Whether a child already has a piggy bank, or simply needs a friendly reminder to save his or her pennies, Teach Children to Save Day – celebrated annually on April 24 – is a perfect opportunity to let children know that saving money can be fun!

Teach Children to Save Day was started by the American Bankers Association in 1977, designed as a national program for banker volunteers to instruct young people about good savings habits. Since this financial education movement began, more than 175,000 bankers have taught savings skills to over 6 million students across the country.

Companies, schools, and banking institutions, as well as parents, can join the program in a unique way with budget-friendly educational tools and incentives from Positive Promotions. Whether presented to kids at classroom visits, open houses or bank and credit union tours, they're a great way to make learning about saving rewarding!

Young children will enjoy our interactive activity books and colorful paper banks, designed to both introduce and reinforce financial education. We also offer promotional pens featuring the Teach Children to Save Day logo or a special message from parents or teachers. You can also count on our currency-themed pencils, pads and bookmarks, custom-printed keychains, mugs and banks, plus stickers and award ribbons to help encourage children to develop savings methods they can use in adulthood.

For more information on Teach Children to Save Day promotional merchandise from Positive Promotions, browse our collection today.