Fire Prevention Week

Fire Safety

Find everything you need at Positive Promotions to educate your community about fire prevention all year long! Save on open house kits, priced for any budget and featuring items for all ages. Stock up on fun 99ยข fire safety value kits, pre-packaged and ready to distribute according to grade level at school presentations. Our best-selling fire hats are better than ever, now with a new low price and no more uncomfortable chinstraps! Or shop one of our exclusive themes for firefighter recognition gifts, personalized fire prevention products, and so much more.

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Trust Positive Promotions to help you teach children and adults how to prevent and respond to fires year round, plus promote fire prevention and fire safety awareness in the community every day, with fun educational items ideal for open houses, school visits, and outreach events.

Our best-selling Fire Hats come in red, black, pink, or glow-in-the-dark fire hats, featuring exclusive designs kids love. A cost-effective way to spread your safety message during station visits or school presentations, these classic keepsakes will be worn proudly by both boys and girls. You can also choose from a variety of personalized products for School Giveaways, including bookmarks in unique die-cut designs, keepsake pencil pouch sets, temporary fire safety tattoos, color-changing pencils, and educational books with activities teachers and parents can do with kids.

Holding an open house or community event is easy with our handy Open House Kits for visitors of all ages. With junior firefighter hats, fire safety stickers, activities books, bookmarks, pencils, and much more, these custom kits are designed to make your event a success, packed with some of our most popular fire safety products. And don't forget to stock up on customized fire prevention items such as water bottles and stadium cups, stickers and tags, bracelets and first aid kits, and more essentials to ensure the community has your name and number handy in case of emergency.

You'll also find more tools to assist individuals and families in preparing for emergencies. Shop for budget-friendly disaster guides, safety reminder magnets for the home, emergency phone number stickers, personal survival kits, first aid kits, flashlights, and more. And to help children stay prepared, try our indispensable fire prevention Educational Activities Books. Appropriate for all grade levels, they teach youngsters to be proactive about fire safety by using coloring pages, mazes, puzzles, and more, specially designed to both teach and entertain.

And don't forget to show appreciation to your fire safety team with our selection of Recognition Gifts. You'll find Firefighters: The Thin Red Line items to honor firefighters for their bravery and devoted service, while our Firefighters For A Cure T-Shirts encourage all to unite in the fight against breast cancer, every day of the year.