Get Your Pink On!: Curve Cell Phone Holder

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    Accommodates most cell phones and smart phones, as well as some other electronic devices * Holds device vertically or horizontally for comfortable reading or viewing at any angle * Unique curved holder looks great on any desk * Comes gift-boxed
    2" X 2 1/8

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    5 Stars

    Get Your Pink On

    , December 11, 2013

    Was very pleased with this item. Sits on my desk in an area where I can see and find it; next to the landline. Very well built to hold cell phone. Have gotten so many compliments.

    1 Star

    Not useful

    , September 20, 2013

    If I had a small, lightweight phone with a plug at its top, that would be great - but the hole in the back is just that - a hole. The phone rests directly on its bottom, so I cannot charge it in this holder. I got these as gifts for the ladies in my office because I get something for them in October. But I won't give these out. Thanks to PP for refunding my $ on the items, although something this useless really should have entitled me to the postage too. I'd have gladly returned them but they told me to keep - which sort of indicates how popular they are.

    2 Stars

    Not useful

    , September 11, 2013

    I bought this to give to the ladies in my office. You can't stand the cell phone upright and charge it if the charge cord goes thru the bottom, because of the way the stand is designed. The hole in the back of the product makes it look as if it would accommodate, but it does not. The little stand that the phone sits on should have a hole too - but it doesn't, so the phone would tip if you plugged it in. The only way to use it with a charger plug is to turn your phone sideways. Also, the smooth plastic of the product means that every time you touch the phone, it slides around. I am so sorry I bought these. What a waste of $. I won't return because the shipping was expensive enough to get them.