Health & Wellness Sourcebook

Health & Wellness Sourcebook

Promote healthy lifestyle choices in the workplace and motivate everyone in the community to live healthier! Here at Positive Promotions, we make it easy for you to educate employees and community members about today’s most talked-about topics–from nutrition and weight control to stress management, smoking cessation, heart health and much more. And be sure to have personal care products on hand all year to offer to new employees, students and clients during health fairs, orientations and wellness events.

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    P9052 Health & Wellness
    Health & Wellness Virtual Catalog

    Keep your health and wellness programs in good shape with budget-friendly educational, promotional and outreach tools to help you make a positive difference in the community and workplace. We offer a wealth of budget-friendly gifts and incentives to guide, support, motivate and encourage people on their path toward improved wellness. Our custom products cover a wide variety of topics, including nutrition, fitness, men and women's health, children's health and safety, breast health, stress management, and more.

    Many of our promotional products make thoughtful giveaways at health fairs and wellness events, as a means of engaging attendees and encouraging them on their path toward improved health. For hospitals, health departments, WIC participants, nursing homes, schools, colleges, and corporations, our custom imprinted drinkware, first aid materials, Spanish language items and more gifts help you share beneficial information about nutrition, safety and good health, and will keep your brand in peak condition.

    We feature many items geared toward children, including fun giveaways that add excitement and engage curious minds. Choose from interactive activity books that keep them interested in learning about better health long after your event ends. Offer colorful bookmarks and stickers with positive messages and instructions for eating well and keeping fit at a young age. We also offer health education products that focus on healthy eating habits and nutritional foods, including MyPlate portion plates that remind all ages how to eat healthier portions and maintain a balanced diet at every meal.

    For adults, we're your one-stop source for a wide selection of health and wellness promotional products, from nutrition educational handouts and pedometers to hot/cold packs, water bottles and Pocket Pals for maintaining a healthier lifestyle. There are also items focusing on fitness activities and handy bookmarks for quick tips on making healthy eating choices, plus wearable silicone wristbands that support specific causes and messages. Whatever you're looking for, count on Positive Promotions to help you keep employees and customers informed about health and wellness, and maintain the fitness of your brand.