International Housekeepers Appreciation

international housekeepers recognition awareness week

Celebrate International Housekeeping Week, September 13-19, 2015

The efforts of your housekeeping staff are essential to your operation. Honor them by making this year's International Housekeepers Week. The gifts you choose are guaranteed to please and will motivate everyone to do their best. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered all year.

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Item# VP-6133
As low as $2.59 each!
  • 4 Stars
Item# LP1930L
As low as $1.99 each!
Sale • As low as $1.83 each!
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Item# LP1879L
As low as $1.99 each!
Sale • As low as $1.83 each!
Item# PN2001E
As low as $46.99 per pack!
Item# GN-7427
$2.99 each!
Sale • $1.49 each!
Item# IOS921V
$2.50 per pack!
Item# OSA5286
As low as $1.15 each!
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