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International Housekeepers Week

International Housekeepers Week

Acknowledge the outstanding efforts of every member of your housekeeping team! Reward their dedication, inspire their continued efforts, and boost their morale with budget-friendly gifts featuring our exclusive designs, including Proud Member Of An Awesome Housekeeping Team. Discover money-saving combo kits and gifts for your Spanish-speaking staff members, too!

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    Results: 132 Products
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    First established in 1981 by IEHA (International Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc.), International Housekeepers Week focuses attention and recognition on professional housekeepers working in hospitals, hotels, state facilities, colleges, schools, and other buildings or organizations within the hospitality industry. It's a great opportunity to honor those who maintain a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment each and every day through hard work and dedication.

    International Housekeepers Week is the ideal time to celebrate your staff members and show them your gratitude, with stylish and practical appreciation gifts featuring exclusive theme such as Housekeeping: The Team Behind The Sparkle and the bestselling Housekeeping: We Make This Place Look Good!. You'll find everything you need to make your International Housekeeping Week event spotless, from t-shirts and water bottles to tote bags, blankets, and technology products. We offer gifts for every branch of your team, including Banquet Services, Concierge Services, Guest Services, Laundry/Linen Services, Food & Beverage, Maintenance, Valet Services, and Grounds & Landscaping.

    Discover everything you need to thank your housekeeping staff and Spanish-speaking team members, including popular t-shirts and apparel, insulated lunch bags and roomy tote bags, drinkware, lapel pins, and more. Or try stretching your budget with our popular, money-saving multi-gift combos, including Gift-A-Day packs and Raffle Packs, all designed to help make your event even more memorable by including something for everyone on your team.