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Promote your library during National Library Week by holding a fun event for children and their families, and to honor staff and volunteers who work hard all year long to encourage reading. Stock up on gifts for readers who attend the event, and look for unique reading gifts that make workers feel appreciated. You'll find colorful bookmarks, reading gifts in value packs, reading awards, pencils and more in the unique selection of reading gifts from Positive Promotions. Use engaging activity books, colorful laminated tags and stickers with positive messages to encourage children to keep on reading.
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Celebrate National Library Week this April using the many reading gifts, reading awards and other budget-friendly items from Positive Promotions. We offer unique gifts for readers who visit the public library, and for staff and volunteers who work hard to help libraries succeed. Colorful bookmarks, pencils and stickers make fun incentives to encourage young children to read more. And reading activity books offer a smart way to keep kids interested in reading, while learning more about libraries.

Start off National Library Week with a fun event where children can attend with their family on the weekend or with classmates during a field trip. Hand out gifts for readers as they enter, such as colorful laminated tags with positive messages about reading. Offer fun bookmarks to children as they check out a book or visit different activity stations in the library. And provide schools with activity books to offer to teachers to keep on hand in classrooms as student reading rewards, or to use as part of reading kits.

During National Library Week, and throughout the year, it's a thoughtful idea to acknowledge staff and volunteers at community libraries and school libraries. Along with gifts for readers, look for appreciation gifts from Positive Promotions to offer parents, teachers and other community members who help out at the library. Everyone can use fun bookmarks and pencils at school and at home, and teachers can use these items to hand out in the classroom along with reading activity books. Also, activity books, stickers and pencils can be kept in your library's bookmobile to give to children out in the community.