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Showing military family support is important, especially for children when a parent or other loved one is away from home on deployment. Offer military family appreciation by engaging military kids in fun activities, through military bases or out in the community. Support our troops by supporting children who are moving to a new base or town, and make them feel welcome with inspirational gifts from Positive Promotions. We carry unique military family gifts such as activity books for kids, informational slideguides and helpful handbooks.

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Promote military family support with the many inspiring products from Positive Promotions. Military family appreciation is important, especially during April, the Month of the Military Child. Support our troops by celebrating the children of servicemen and women who sacrifice so much to protect our freedom. Giving military family gifts to children in April, and throughout the rest of the year, is a positive way to let kids know their own sacrifices don't go unnoticed.

Show military family support at times when parents or other loved ones are deployed, or when military families are required to move to new towns. Military branches can show military family appreciation by giving kids the chance to participate in sponsored peer groups or camp programs with other military kids. Show you support our troops by supporting their children with recognition gifts and inspirational items when they start a new school for the first time. Branches can also deliver military family gifts to homefront heroes when they move to a new home on base or elsewhere within the community.

Military programs can show military family support by offering services from family support groups. Give a military family appreciation they deserve by bringing welcome gifts to their homes, including fun activity books for kids from Positive Promotions. Support our troops by giving their children resources and support. Try offering military family gifts like slideguides, pocket pals and handbooks that focus on the military kid experience.

Encourage military family support in the community by holding events that draw attention to the military family experience. Plan military family appreciation activities that bring parents and kids together to share their stories. Hold a "Support our Troops and Their Families" Day and hand out fun activity books for kids and colorful bracelets with inspirational messages. And offer military family gifts during joyful celebrations when a deployed parent or loved one returns home.