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Positive Promotions is a MyPlate USDA National Strategic Partner!
Positive Promotions is a proud USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) National Strategic Partner. Our team is dedicated to building awareness about proper nutrition, and committed to providing customers with promotional products, tools and resources that promote healthier diets and lifestyle choices consistent with the MyPlate program and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In addition, we offer Spanish MyPlate products to increase the number of people you can reach.

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Proper nutrition plays a major role in staying healthy. With this in mind, the USDA's MyPlate initiative features recommendations for following a healthy eating style and maintaining it for a lifetime. With small changes in diet, and utilizing the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to include the major food groups as well as proper portion sizes, people can make better and more enjoyable choices towards sustaining a healthier lifestyle.

As a National Strategic Partner of the USDA, Positive Promotions is proud to offer a full menu of MyPlate-themed products and resources to help you promote healthier food choices at your school or organization during National Nutrition Month® in March, or any day of the year. From portion plates and educational guides to activities books, magnets, and more essential promotional items, you'll find everything you need to educate and inspire better eating habits. Best of all, many of our MyPlate products can be customized with your logo or message to provide a lasting reminder to the community about your commitment to healthy eating.

National Nutrition Month® is a registered trademark of the Academy of Nutrition And Dietetics