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Library Week

Encourage children to read and to read often. Libraries are a great place for students to sharpen up their reading skills & to enhance their studies. Not only do we offer budget-friendly products to help young children be more aware of the library, but we also offer recognition gifts for the librarians & volunteers who help young minds grow.

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It may go unnoticed by most people, but National Library Week 2015 - which is celebrated Apr. 12-18 - should be celebrated by parents and children alike! It's never too early for a child to discover the love of reading, nor is there ever a bad time for parents to set a good example by heading to the library with their children and selecting a book or two themselves.

The next-best way to commemorate National Library Week is with promotional merchandise from Positive Promotions. From personalized pens (adorned with the logo of the local library) to promotional pens (featuring the National Library Week logo) to other promotional logo items such as custom keychains, travel mugs and award ribbons, we have everything you need to mark National Library Week in style.

For more information on promotional marketing products from Positive Promotions, give us a call at (800) 635-2666!