Library Incentives & Promotions

Library Incentives & Promotions

In schools and public libraries, celebrate National Library Week by offering students reading rewards from Positive Promotions. We carry bookmarks, water bottles and dog tags featuring inspirational messages about reading. Our unique reading activity books help counselors, teachers and reading resource staff keep children motivated to read, and to appreciate their public and school libraries. Along with gifts for readers who achieve reading goals, we also carry thoughtful gifts to offer teachers, principals, librarians and other educators who keep children inspired to read.

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Commemorate National Library Week at your school and public library by offering reading gifts and reading awards from Positive Promotions. From bookmarks to backpacks, our unique gifts make thoughtful choices to reward children who reach reading goals, and to encourage students to read often. Stock up on fun activity books that promote reading, and offer them to counselors, principals and reading resource staff. These gifts for readers are also a positive way for educators to encourage both students who are struggling and to acknowledge those who are surpassing reading goals.

National Library Week is also the best time to show school staff, counselors and volunteers that their hard work and dedication to students reading more is appreciated. Try offering colorful bookmarks, pencils or water bottles as fun ways to say thanks. By using activity books during National Library Week, teachers and reading resource staff can work with students to motivate them to read more and to care about their school and public libraries. Keep gifts for readers on hand for staff and volunteers to offer to children to keep them interested in and motivated to keep reading.

Hold National Library Week events at your school, such as Read-a-Thon's, and offer reading awards to children that read the most books during the week. Award bookmarks from Positive Promotions to students each time they finish a reading assignment in class. Have students share activity books with classmates, or have them take the reading gifts home to share with family. As group gifts for readers, principals can take groups of children to the public library to learn more about the reading options available to them.

Keep the spirit of National Library Week alive all year by stocking up on our reading kits and reading awards. Bookmarks and dog tags with positive, motivational sayings are smart choices to offer to students as they reach new reading goals. Put reading activity books, water bottles and pencils into backpacks as special gifts for students who win reading contests at the end of the year. Our gifts for readers offer a budget-friendly way to reward students and help educators, while promoting libraries and a life-long appreciation of reading.