One Person Can Make A Difference Starfish Stress Relievers

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  • Description
    Soft polyfoam starfish offers quick & fun stress relief and a special message for all staff members.
    STARFISH SHAPED: 4 1/4" X 4 1/

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    5 Stars

    Making a difference

    , December 09, 2013

    These starfish were purchased through a grant to show appreciation for the work of our after school tutoring volunteers. I like the message they deliver, and they look just like the items online. A little thinner/flatter than I expected, (not a lot to squeeze)but they will be a nice token of appreciation.

    5 Stars

    Great gift!

    , May 28, 2013

    I teach first graders. We began the year w the Star thrower story. Making a difference to other people and and being "a star thrower" has been a part of our everyday conversation. I gave these to my first graders as an end of school year gift. They were delighted!

    5 Stars

    Stressed Starfish!!!

    , August 15, 2012

    Shannon Primary School purchased these stress relievers for our staff on their first day back to work. They loved them!!!! We wanted them to know that one person can change a child's life. In a classroom of 24 children it can be stressful on an adult and we just wanted them to know they are thought of each day.