Preschool Portion Meal Plate With English Educational Card

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* Durable plastic plate has proportioned sections especially for preschoolers to make it simple for little one to understand how to eat healthy by including major food groups at meals; dishwasher-safe * New design has a separate dairy section perfect for a cup or yogurt container * Comes with card that remind educators and parents of the key nutrition points preschoolers should learn

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5 Stars


, January 21, 2015

The plates are great. Children love them.

5 Stars

Preschool Portion Plate

, August 22, 2014

This is a great idea to teach children what, and how much they should eat, for a balanced meal! Love it!

5 Stars

Preschool Portion Meal Plate

, March 24, 2014

The plate is very colorful and a great visual for kids. Great tool for nutrition education. Usually I am asked where can I buy this? It is well received by adults and kids.

5 Stars

portion meal plate

, February 26, 2014

kids and parents like it - helps parents see that kids do not need to eat as much as they (the parent) thinks they do.

5 Stars

My Plate

, November 22, 2013

I use these as an educational/teaching tool, and I absolutely love them!!! Would recommend them for everybody!