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5 Stars

Good Product

, December 15, 2014

Puts in writing a lot of key safety points that we tell our employees.

5 Stars

Excellant Service!

, November 18, 2014

No hassle ordering and friendly customer service. Always a pleasure doing business with all you people.

5 Stars

Think Safety 2014 monthly pocket planner

, January 02, 2014

Enhance company safety program - employees enjoy and request them when year coming to an end

5 Stars

Safety pocket calendars

, November 27, 2013

We are encouraging a safe work environment and this calendar helps to reinforce what we believe in. It's also great for keeping track of appointments.

5 Stars

Best Value!

, November 14, 2013

Our customers really appreciate the Think Safety pocket calendars. It is not just your run-fo-mill calendar. It contains valuable, useful information for everyone, so it keeps our name in front of our customers all year! The stickers are an added value.

4 Stars

Welcomed by employees

, November 13, 2013

Every year our 500 plus employees are glad to see the pocket calendars. 1 of every 2 say they use this tool all the time.

5 Stars

First time purchase - great product

, October 21, 2013

We brought the safety calendar in for the first time. Great product - great response from our staff. We are going to make our 2014 training schedule match the calendar topics so the calendars will reinforce the training program.

5 Stars

Think Safety 2014 pocket planner

, October 17, 2013

I love everything about this product. One of the many reasons we decided to purchase it. I love how each month has a health tip, stickers so you can plan your month out and remember important dates. I love that we could put our logo on this item, really makes us stand out as a company. We will definitely be purchasing from Positive Promotions again in the near future!

5 Stars

We Keep Coming Back!

, October 10, 2013

We've purchased the pocket calendar now for 7 years now. They're inexpensive and our employees, who aren't all computer-savvy or have electronics to use as a calendar or note-taker, DO actually use them. The PLUS is that it is yet another safety reminder with tips and facts contained throughout. We give them out in December at our department's Annual Recognition Luncheon.

5 Stars

Great little planner!

, December 04, 2012

Gave these to all the employees not only rewarding them for having a safe 2012, but hoping this will help 2013 be just as safe!

5 Stars

Very nice way to remind employees to think safety first

, November 07, 2012

Good value and something everyone can use.

4 Stars

Great little give away

, October 19, 2012

Our Safety Committee will be giving these safety calendars away to each Associate along with a talk on focus on safety,not just today but every day. this is a great lead in item.

5 Stars

Personalized Planners

, October 15, 2012

My contact person, Ed Oliveau was friendly and professional and a delight to work with. He was patient with our request and worked thoroughly to be sure our company received the product we truly wanted. The planners are perfect for giving to our clients and we could not be more pleased.

5 Stars

Love the calendar!

, October 10, 2012

We purchased these to give to our customers, who love them. Got them early this year so it was the first one most of our customers received. Our name will stay in front of them for 14 months! Great value.

4 Stars

Safety Pocket Calendar

, October 04, 2012

Nice Quality, great service, fast delivery. Worth the money.

5 Stars

Think Safety - Planner

, September 06, 2012

We really liked this planner. It's great for our Safety Incentive Program.