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Social Work Appreciation

March Is National Professional Social Work Month


March is National Professional Social Work Month, and an opportune time to thank dedicated social workers throughout the country. Use unique appreciation gifts from Positive Promotions to award staff members who go above and beyond for their clients every day. Hang event posters around your facility to bring attention to planned celebrations throughout the month. Receiving thoughtful recognition gifts like portfolios, t shirts, briefcases and tumblers lets staff members know that their hard work and dedication is appreciated.

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National Professional Social Work Month is a time to celebrate and honor the work of dedicated social workers across the country. Stock up on appreciation gifts from Positive Promotions to offer to hardworking staff during March, and throughout the rest of the year. We also carry event posters and other decorations that can be used for parties and social work events. From unique recognition gifts to event decorations, we offer the best promotional items to celebrate the employees who always make a difference.

During National Professional Social Work Month, plan a number of events to recognize employees who inspire others and work as helpful advocates. Award appreciation gifts at picnics and parties, whether in colleges, hospitals, military facilities or social service departments. Hang up event posters throughout your facility to bring attention to celebrations in March. And have unique recognition gifts to hand out at parties and award presentation ceremonies.

National Professional Social Work Month is something that affects so many professions, from employees in state agencies and medical facilities to staff at Indian reservations and home healthcare providers. Use staff appreciation gifts to recognize those who dedicate their time to helping people in all walks of life. Along with colorful event posters, Positive Promotions provides unique social worker gifts like briefcases, tumblers and coolers that employees can use at work and at home. These recognition gifts feature positive message themes that continue to inspire employees to help improve the lives of others.

Hold a National Professional Social Work Month party at the end of each week in March to celebrate hardworking social workers. Offer appreciation gifts like portfolios and t-shirts to let employees know their efforts are recognized by all. Display event posters throughout the month to keep the focus on the importance of social work employees in your facility. And award recognition gifts for on-the-spot occasions when staff go above and beyond for a client or your company.

Throughout National Professional Social Work Month, let employees know how important their work is by holding staff lunches and picnics where employees receive social worker gifts that make their jobs easier. Hand out practical appreciation gifts like pens, tumblers or badge holders that display positive messages. From event posters to unique social worker gifts, the promotional items at Positive Promotions help keep employees motivated to provide the best care and compassion for their clients. Keep recognition gifts on hand all year to continually reward social workers who strive to give others their best every day.