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Social Workers Reaching Out Touching Lives

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Social Work Month

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MARCH 2015

Celebrate your social workers for bringing comfort and improvement to the lives of so many. Thank them for their dedication and compassion with unique gifts featuring our exclusive theme, "Social Workers: Helping People Help Themselves."

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Social Work is a profession of hope. National Professional Social Work Month takes place during March. Across the country there are more than 650,000 professional social workers advocating for the lives of others. National Professional Social Work Month 2015 provides the perfect opportunity to recognize how they help and inspire people in all walks of life. Our budget-friendly, distinctive appreciation gifts are a heartfelt way to show appreciation for the impact that social workers have on society.

Social work requires resilience and advocacy. The duties of a social worker can often be emotionally draining but rewarding at the same time. When they help others overcome life’s obstacles there is satisfaction in making a difference. National Professional Social Work Month is a great time to turn the focus on social workers who are the support team for others. There is no better way to show appreciation than by recognizing social workers with appreciation gifts that highlight why they matter.

Our National Professional Social Work Month exclusive theme like “Social Workers: Reacing Out, Touching Lives” is just one of the many inspirational ways to show your appreciation for social workers. We offer a large array of products from lunch totes to portfolios to t-shirts and more that are the perfect approach to show your genuine appreciation for social workers. You can be proud to present social workers with our recognition gifts and social workers will be honored to receive them.

For more information on National Professional Social Work Month promotional merchandise from Positive Promotions,
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