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Local police, EMS, and Fire Departments, as well as other safety organizations deserve our gratitude and appreciation. Show your support for Public Safety and Community Safety with these educational and promotional products, including activities books, police hats, pocket pals, stickers, heat-sensitive pencils, water bottle kits, safety magnets, and more. For your open houses, community outreach events, or classroom visits, you'll find engaging and cost-effective products to help boost safety awareness in your community all year long.

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Item# PL1260P
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Results: 339 Products
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Connect with community members and share important safety messages at open houses, school visits, and outreach events with educational, awareness and promotional items from Positive Promotions. Browse our huge selection of public safety resources to discover educational activities books, silicone bracelets, open house kits, bookmarks, stickers, and many more budget-friendly products for all ages. Add your customization to select items to keep your name visible and remind everyone in the community that you are there for them.

We offer Police and Sheriff products that teach kids what law enforcement officers do to help people, highlighting the fact that police officers and sheriffs are our friends. There are also 9-1-1 Education tools to educate youngsters and adults about dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency and giving them tips on how they can help keep everyone safe. For parents and families, check out our Emergency Preparedness resources that provide safety tools, tips and reminders that prepare everyone for emergencies.

Our selection also gives you a wealth of awareness products to help reach your community on other vital safety themes, such as Stranger Danger; Bike Safety; Bullying; Distracted Driving & Alcohol Awareness; Sexual Assault; Identity Theft; and more. Whatever you're looking for, we’re pleased to offer safety tools and resources that help you foster a positive relationship with the public and keep each community member safe.