Public Safety Telecommunicators Appreciation

Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunications Week - April 9-15, 2017

Dispatchers are always there to answer the call, providing an indispensable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. During Public Safety Telecommunications Week--or any day of the year--applaud the heroes behind the scenes and honor your team's dedication with thoughtful gifts of appreciation featuring exclusive themes such as 911 Dispatchers: Courage, Compassion, Commitment and Telecommunicators: The Unseen Heroes.

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Dispatch and Telecommunication Team Gifts
Dispatch & Telecommunication Team Virtual Catalog

One of the most valuable—and underappreciated—jobs in America is that of emergency dispatcher, the person who calmly and coolly handles dozens of 9-1-1 calls per day and coordinates the emergency responses that often save lives. With Public Safety Telecommunications Week coming up in April, there’s no better time than now to recognize your team's efforts with exclusive gifts from Positive Promotions that acknowledge their skills and applaud the vital role they play behind the scenes.

With our wide range of public safety telecommunicators appreciation gifts, you're certain to find something for everyone on your team. From messenger bags and backpacks for toting electronics and daily essentials, to cooler bags and drink tumblers that make lunchtime a pleasure, to notebooks, umbrellas, and more for everyday use, we offer a selection of gifts to suit your dispatchers' lifestyles as well as your budget. You'll also find a variety of technology chargers to help your staff stay connected, plus premium t-shirts and apparel to outfit them in comfort and give them "bragging rights" to boost pride in their department. In addition, our Raffle Pack features distinctive gifts at special savings to help make your National Public Safety Telecommunications Week celebration extra memorable.

Your dispatchers and telecommunications representatives serve as a critical lifeline to fire, medical, and law enforcement personnel. Recognize these everyday, unseen heroes for their courage, compassion, and commitment with gifts of gratitude from Positive Promotions!