Reading Awards & Incentives

Reading Awards & Incentives

Motivate kids to read with exclusive awards and incentives for your summer reading programs! You'll find customizable products featuring exciting messages and fun designs that reward their achievements, inspire them to go to the library, and help sharpen their reading skills for the upcoming school year.

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Get children and students excited about summer reading with custom-printed incentive gifts from Positive Promotions. We carry a vast assortment of reading awards, including t-shirts, pencils, bookmarks, book lights, bracelets, dog tags, and much more, all perfect for making your programs a hit.

Use this year's national theme, "Every Hero Has A Story", and encourage children to pick up an adventure story, fairy tale or classic novel from the library. They could also explore different genres and different authors instead of their favorites, in order to widen the range of their reading "power".

For students who reach their summer reading goals, whether it's for logging a certain number of minutes or for completing a designated number of books, provide awards and incentives like personalized magnets, gold foil stamped certificates, and medallions, all of which make excellent keepsake prizes. Applaud their achievement further with gifts featuring one of our fun slogans like Reading Rocks!, Keep Calm and Read On, or Wild About Reading.

Most of all, stress to parents the importance of having their children read a little each day, and to always maintain a positive attitude about what they're reading. With hundreds of recognition products geared towards reading and literacy, Positive Promotions is the perfect place to find giveaways, gifts, displays, and more that give your summer reading programs the strength they need!