Reading Rocks! Classroom Awards Box

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This economical box is FREE and the gifts provide a handy way to reward your students the moment they show reading progress. Includes: * 100 Assorted Stickers * 25 Reading Rocks! Guitar-Shaped Tags with 24" Chains * 25 Reading Rocks! Die-Cut Bookmarks * 25 Reading Rocks! Heat-Sensitive Pencils * You save over 20% off our regular individual prices. 176 items in all!

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5 Stars


, May 28, 2013

The students loved the "Reading Rocks" dog tags. The book marks are wonderful and who can't use pencils! The box that it comes in is a sturdy little box that is great for small prizes. I will be able to use it year after year. The stickers are nice. They are great way to acknoledge student achievement and my students love them!