Red Ribbon Week


Show How Your School Rocks By Being Bully & Drug Free. Spread the knowledge and importance of drug prevention this October by teaching kids that having good habits early is vital for future success. October is also Bully Prevention Month, another important issue in today's schools. Our products are focused on educating and promoting bully & drug free schools. Check our new themes such as, "United We Stand Against Bullying & Drugs" and "I "Mustache" You Not To Do Drugs."

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This October, celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week spreads awareness on the dangers of bullying, drug and tobacco use. Teaching kids good habits early is critical to future success. Celebrating Red Ribbon Week shows kids that living above the influence is the best way to live a happy life.

Our Red Ribbon Week materials focus on educating children. The best weapon in the fight against bullying (even cyber bullying), drugs, and tobacco is other children. When kids see other kids bullying, they should not be afraid to tell an adult. In schools and on playgrounds, there is no better pair of eyes than those of their peers. Vigilant kids can go a long way towards protecting their friends.

Like all of the causes we support, Red Ribbon Week spreads an amazingly positive message. We help your children support this message with wristbands, water bottles, stationery, and of course, red ribbons. Our Red Ribbon Week promotional materials make this a fun week for kids!