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Service Award and Employee Recognition

Service Award / Recognition

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Service awards are interesting, because the majority of service awards are for people who do something not to be recognized, but because it is the right thing to do. Positive Promotions is proud to support these people, with our wide selection service awards. No matter the field of service, our service awards can help recognize the important people in your industry.

Our service awards are often utilized in the business world. Companies that celebrate employees of the month, use our service awards for employee recognition. We have a great selection of plaques to recognize varying accomplishments. If you know an employee who is set to retire, service awards can recognize a career of hard work. Plaques are awesome service awards, but they aren’t the only type of service award we offer.

Trophies make great service awards. Trophies are perfect for employee gifts for coaches. When someone volunteers their time to help sculpt young minds, it is a very noble cause. Our services awards help recognize this great achievement. In fact, whenever someone donates their time for a great cause it deserves to be recognized. We have the best selection of lapel pins, plaques, and trophies, so you can recognize the person making a difference in your life.