Stress Management

Stress Management

April Is Stress Awareness Month

Stress can harm a person emotionally, physically, and mentally. In April, as well as every day, Positive Promotions spotlights Stress Awareness Month, featuring custom-printed promotional products that can help you inform employees, clients, and customers about the dangers of stress and successful methods of coping. Help people learn about how harmful stress can be, and show how much you care with customized squeezable balls, activity brochures, and special relief kits designed to assist with stress management.

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    Stress Awareness Month is a national effort that strives to educate people about the dangers of stress, proven strategies for managing, and widespread misconceptions about stress. Promotional products from Positive Promotions will help you share information about stress management with staff, offering education, relief, and methods of coping. From instructional slideguides and brochures to posters, bookmarks, and our popular stress relief kits, you'll find a selection of useful gifts for employee health fairs, lunch & learns, and other wellness events.

    According to OMICS International, nearly 73% of the country's total population experiences some symptoms of stress. One way to provide support is with a stress ball. Available in such themes as superheroes, fruit, medical accessories, and more, our helpful, relaxing stress balls for adults and children offer relief with every squeeze, and can be customized with your company's or facility's logo.

    Stress in the workplace can also affect people negatively, including a decrease in productivity. In fact, The American Institute of Stress reports 80% of workers feel stressed at their jobs, and nearly half of them need help dealing with it. Whether it's trying to quit smoking, dealing with negative co-workers, or simply worrying about job performance and results, it's important to educate employees on how to reduce the amount of worry in their lives, both at work and at home. Trust Positive Promotions to help keep attendees at your next benefits fair or stress-related seminar informed and interested with essential promotional items designed to successfully foster stress management.