Teacher & Staff Appreciation

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week May 4-8, 2015

Teachers and staff are a leading influence on today's youth. It is their hard work and dedication to their students that puts the joy in learning. As outstanding people making a difference at your school each day it's important to take the time to recognize them. Present teachers and staff with our afforådable teacher appreciation gifts of gratitude that will be sure to make them feel appreciated and smile.

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Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week 2015 is the perfect time to recognize the impact your school team has on the lives of others. Teacher appreciation week supports teachers, fellow faculty members, administration, PTA’s and everyone else in recognizing the significance teachers have on their school. Teachers know education is a team effort and together they help shape the foundation for a better future. It is important their commitment be admired during teacher appreciation week.

Positive Promotions makes shopping for teacher appreciation week gifts easy and affordable. We encourage you to look through our vast assortment of teacher appreciation week presents including practical and edible gifts. We are positive you will be able to find the perfect recognition gift to enhance your celebration of the teachers in your life. With budget in mind, every teacher appreciation week present can be found for less than ten dollars, with some as low as less than a dollar

For more information on all Positive Promotions education and school related appreciation events, call us at (800) 635-2666!