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Tech It Out - Stylus Pens

Tech It Out - Stylus Pens

Our custom stylus pens sport your company or school name while showing appreciation to customers, employees and students who'll use the practical tools every day. Promotional stylus pens featuring a highlighter, LED light or key chain are a welcome surprise for multi-taskers in your company who use computers, tablets and smart phones to do business. In schools, a touch screen stylus that changes color makes an exciting gift for students who achieve goals, and a stylus with various ballpoint pen ink colors is a useful tool for busy teachers. Take personalized stylus pens along to trade shows, career fairs and other community events to get your brand out in the public eye.

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    Results: 122 Products
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    Giving custom stylus pens to staff, students, clients and other important people is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. Promotional stylus pens are essential tools for busy teachers, business executives and graduate students who use touch screen devices on a daily basis. A touch screen stylus boasting your company name also makes a smart choice to hand out at trade shows, career fairs or other events. We carry personalized stylus pens in a large variety of colors and styles that are suitable for use with touch screen computers, tablets and smart phones.

    Custom stylus pens featuring a stylus, ink pen and highlighter are helpful tools for multi-tasking teachers, managers and students. Other multifunction promotional stylus pens include a key ring stylus pen with an attached LED light, and a stylus with a microfiber cleaning cloth contained in the barrel. For kids, a touch screen stylus designed like a crayon makes it fun for kids to do homework on a laptop, and a color-changing stylus pen is a popular choice for junior high and high school students. Whatever type of personalized stylus pens you choose, these personalized promotional items offer a clever way to get a practical tool, and your brand, in the hands of your deserving staff, students and business associates.