Test Taking Incentives

Create A Positive Test-Taking Attitude In Your School!

Build students' confidence and inspire test-taking success with a selection of giveaways and incentives to keep them energized and ready to do their best. From essential tips and motivational messages to fun products they can use all year long, find everything needed to create a successful, stress-free test-taking environment for all your students.

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With achievement on standardized tests an ongoing focus in recent years, students continue to feel pressure to score well. Budget-friendly educational tools and reminders from Positive Promotions will help ease kids’ stress and build their confidence at test-taking time. Our products can also be used to help teachers support their students as they prepare for exams.

Discover a wide variety of bookmarks, pencils, silicone bracelets, T-shirts, and more student incentives and rewards, featuring our exclusive, motivational themes including Give Your Best And Expect Success!; Test-Taking Superhero; and Keep Calm And Believe In Yourself! Developed in tandem with educators across the country, these fun slogans and colorful designs will keep students interested and focused on doing their best.

Try our cost-effective value packs, available for many grade levels, and reach more students for less. You‘ll also find comprehensive parent support materials and bilingual tools such as glancers, magnets, handbooks and slideguides, to help parents better understand the Common Core Standards and encourage them to stay involved in their children’s studies. Whatever you're looking for, check out our selection of incentives and gifts today. We look forward to supplying you with the products you need to help students stay positive and inspire test-taking success!