Treat-A-Day Value Pack

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Present students with snacks that are sure to provide much-needed extra energy during test time-a different snack for each day of the week! Includes one each of the following: * Barnum's Animal Crackers * Mini Pretzels * Welch's Fruit Snacks * Starburst * S.M.A.R.T Cookie Pack. With a 10% discount off regular individual prices, your cost is just $0.62 a day.

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5 Stars

Kids loved these

, April 19, 2012

I bought these for my daughetr's class for SC State PASS testing. They loved having the snack, and the extra burst of energy was just the thing. I did have a problem with them not having everything in stock, almost not getting items in time and having to waste days straightening out the shipping charges nightnare. It did finally work out, but it was a headache. Lots of run around from customer service. This was all 2 years ago.