Volunteer Appreciation

Celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteers offer their time and effort year round in service to others. Take this opportunity to show how much you appreciate their dedication and generosity. Present them with distinctive, budget-friendly gifts featuring our exclusive themes, including Volunteers Are Shining Stars. Add your message to unique personalized appreciation gifts.

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National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate those who make a world of difference. Recognize the volunteers in your life during National Volunteer Appreciation Week 2015. Volunteers don’t ask for anything in return for their service, that is what volunteering is all about. Conversely, the special work these individuals do is worth recognizing. We provide appreciation products from recognition certificates to personalized gifts for volunteers so that everyone can see the tremendous impact volunteers have on society.

Volunteers give their time and energy to a variety of causes. That is why we offer a wide selection of products so that every volunteer can be recognized during National Volunteer Appreciation Week. Our customizable t-shirts can be a walking billboard and public display of the great service volunteers have contributed to your event, organization, or institution. While putting a photo of a special volunteering moment in a frame is one of the most heartfelt gifts that can be given during National Volunteer Appreciation Week.

Many volunteers will feel that the time they spent contributing was more than enough payment for their services, with all the positive results and lasting memories it yielded. Our National Volunteer Appreciation Week items can offer an extra boost to recognize their time spent volunteering in a more public and visible way.

For more information on National Volunteer Appreciation Week promotional merchandise from Positive Promotions, give us a call at (800) 635-2666!