Volunteers Hard Cover Sticky Flag Jotter Pad

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  • Description
    Six assorted translucent sticky page flags. 4" x 6" 100-sheet, unruled white pad. Hardcover binding.
    4" X 6" X 11/16

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    5 Stars

    Notepad with sticky flags

    , February 18, 2014

    This is a very nice quality notepad. I expected it to be a flimsy paperback notepad, but it has a sturdy hardcover that will look very nice on my volunteers' desks. At a volunteer coordinator meeting the day I received my notepads, they were passing around some notepads that we could order through the school for over a dollar each, and I told them about the nice notepads I just received for under a dollar each that even had the sticky flag notes with them and a bright blue hard cover.