We Make A Difference Every Day Full Color Pen & Pillow Box

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* Wide-bodied comfort grip pen * Comes in a matching gift box
PEN: 5 1/2

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, April 08, 2015


5 Stars

You Too Make a Difference

, December 31, 2014

We are enjoying distributing the pen to everyone at our Center....be they a volunteer, a visitor or a member who just attends classes. The pens are each in a nice pillow box so if a person places it in their pocket or pocketbook, it will not stain their clothes or material if accidentally crushed. The message is on the outside box as well as on the pen itself and it is a very meaningful message. Each person who enters our Center MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!! Each day in each of our lives, we touch others...just a smile or a hello...or just passing by someone as you walk....we touch their lives. Think about a clerk in a convenience store or grocery store. Your THANK YOU or Good Morning may be the only nice thing that has happened to that individual. We never what circumstances people come from or live in....Remember, we each make a difference!!!!Thank you Positive Promotions for helping to share this message.