Women Of Faith Shine With God's Love Pink Whistle & Flashlight Key Tag

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  • Description
    Every woman will want to keep this in her purse or pocket * Multi-function gift includes a loud safety whistle * Bright LED flashlight turns on and off by twisting end * Attached split ring holds her keys * Pretty pink grip displays a special reminder * Coordinating pillow box make for a special presentation
    3 1/4" LONG

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    3 Stars

    women of faith, shine

    , June 22, 2014

    nice gift for Mother's Day. Only problem is turning the flashlight on you have to turn it where it comes apart for the battery. If you turn it too much, it comes apart.

    3 Stars

    Nice treat!

    , May 16, 2014

    Our church hosted a Mother's Day event and the key chains/flashlights were given to each participant. The ladies really enjoyed them. The only drawback was many/most of them were scratched on the top of the flashlight. Overall, it really was a nice treat!! Thank you.

    1 Star

    poor hasty wrapping

    , May 14, 2014

    Over half of the items boxes were torn or wor . Looks like someone hurriedly pjt thdm in the boxes. I will be returning several back. I had to pick out the nicer ones to use. If time would have been onmy side i would have returned them all.

    5 Stars

    new, unique gift

    , May 13, 2014

    I was thrilled to find a different item for our Mothers' Day gifts. We have done the usual for years, but to have a helpful gift such as this to provide safety and security for our women was truly a blessing. Thank you for this unique item--we loved it!

    3 Stars


    , May 16, 2013

    I purchased 12 & 4 of them do not work.

    5 Stars

    , May 16, 2013

    I was very pleased with my order.

    1 Star

    Quality of Product

    , May 15, 2013

    This is not the first time we have ordered from your company - your products are cheap - half of the flashlights didn't work!??!?!

    1 Star

    Review on Women of Faith key/flashlights

    , May 09, 2013

    We ordered 100 of the women of God Whistle Kytg flashlghts. When we received them, 26 out of the 100 did not work properly, either very dim, couldn't get them to stay on, or didn't work at all. The other 74 we had to take the batteries apart, and switch them around to get them to work. We spent over 5 hours working on these. We ordered them for Mother's Day gifts for the women in our congregation. the ones we got were very poor quality. Not happy with them. I did talk to a customer rep, he sent me 26 replacements. Out of the 26, 5 had to be taken apart and reassembled, out of the 5, 2 did not work at all. Or church orders things for fundraisers throughout the year, and I hesitate to order any more of your products.