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Womens Heart Health Month - February | Positive Promotions

February Is American Heart Month.

With education, motivation, dedication and support, women (and men) can reduce or prevent heart disease! Encourage and empower everyone in your workplace or community to improve their heart health. Our educational tools and awareness incentives are just what they need to succeed in adopting heart-healthy lifestyles.

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February is Women's Heart Health Month, which means there's no better time to generate discussion about heart health awareness and the good habits that can improve the health of women everywhere, such as healthy portion plates and heart healthy cooking tips.

Another great way to commemorate Women's Heart Health Month is with healthy promotional items, prizes and awards from Positive Promotions. We offer a wide spectrum of heart health month-themed products, including travel mugs and custom keychains that can be adorned with Women's Heart Health Month logos and slogans. Offices, schools and other establishments can also conduct heart health month contests and reward the winners with appreciation gifts such as award ribbons and personalized pens. For more information on our Women's Heart Health Month promotional items, give us a call at (800) 635-2666!