WOW (Wonderful Outstanding Worker) Button

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They'll be proud to wear these colorful designs stating that they're doing excellent work.

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5 Stars

Button Fun!

, October 08, 2012

I got these little cute buttons in and decided to surprise my employees with a little moral boost. The first one I gave a button too didn't say much at all, so I guess she just thought it was a silly little button to wear...then I gave another one to another the way they really deserved a thank you for "Being a great worker" he also didn't say anything much of value..but a few hours later I saw they were wearing there buttons and talking to other thing I noticed was the kindness, thank yous, how you doing to all the customers, smiles...from all the other employees, I found out later that those little buttons was just the Thank you my employees needed to boost their moral about working in a busy place.So my bag of 25 buttons went very fast to the rest of the employees...I have now ordered "Employee of Month" lapel pins, and the scratch tickets/ w prizes to have fun and laughter back in the work place....I also ordered some lapel pins for all my management for all the team work they