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Promotional screen cleaners are popular gifts to offer staff, students and business clients, as most everyone uses a laptop, tablet, desktop computer or smart phone on a daily basis. From microfiber cloths for computer screens to phone screen cleaner accessories, these personalized promotional items are practical gifts that help keep technical equipment clean, while advertising your company brand or cause. A desktop or laptop screen cleaner or dust brush makes a thoughtful gift to hand out to employees to keep at their desk or in their briefcase. And screen cleaning cloths can be used not only to remove dust, dirt and fingerprint smudges from computer, tablet and phone screens, but most can also be used to clean eyeglasses.

Look for promotional screen-cleaners students will appreciate, such as phone screen cleaners attached to key chains that students can take everywhere to keep phones, cameras and iPods clean. Add your logo to microfiber cloths shaped like stars, houses, badges or hearts – many of our cleaning cloths can also be customized with your artwork or logo. Customize a colorful laptop screen cleaner with your school's name, and choose a hue to match your school's team colors. In addition to screen cleaning cloths, we also have kits that can include handy items like soft cleaning pads, ear buds and lanyard pouches with room to store a phone, along with convenient phone stands with built-in screen cleaners.