Honor Everyone On Your Food & Dietary Services Staff!
Celebrate Healthcare Food Service Week Oct 3-9, 2016

During Healthcare Food Service Week and throughout the year, reward staff who create and serve healthy meals by giving them recognition gifts from Positive Promotions. Our appreciation gifts let healthcare food service staff in hospitals and nursing homes know how much their hard work is valued. Stir up excitement with exclusive themes and a wide selection of gifts such as custom-printed food service apparel, tote bags, personalized cups, and more practical promotional gifts.
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Gifts Of Appreciation For Your Food Service Team

Show how much you appreciate your dietary and food services team with gifts that celebrate them all year, but especially during National Healthcare Food Service Week in October. Surprise them with fun events and unique recognition gifts from Positive Promotions, a great way to thank the team members who create and serve healthy food to patients, staff, and visitors in hospitals and nursing homes. From food service apparel for staff to wear with pride at work or out in the community and custom tote bags to personalized cups, lapel pins, and lanyards featuring positive messages, you'll remind them of the vital role they play in your organization.

During Healthcare Food Service Week, honor their dedication by planning special events for your healthcare food service team, from the chefs and dietary service managers to volunteers and kitchen staff behind the scenes. Stock up on appreciation gifts to hand out during celebrations and award ceremonies honoring this important group of people who give their all to prepare and serve healthy food in your organization. Present staff with food service apparel like t-shirts or aprons featuring positive messages about their roles, such as "Food & Nutrition Services: Our Mission Is Your Nutrition" and "Dietary Services: Excellence Is In Every Bite!". You can also put the apparel in custom tote bags along with other gifts, and deliver them with pride.

A great idea for a special celebration is to plan a staff luncheon – one that they don't have to prepare or serve. Have your gifts ready, and let the staff sit down to a catered meal while other food vendors help run kitchens and cafeterias. Provide your team members with new food service apparel gifts, such as aprons or t-shirts displaying your hospital or organization name. And fill custom tote bags with thoughtful rewards like lunch bags, drinkware, and lapel pins featuring our exclusive themes. Other events you can plan include off-hour celebrations or award ceremonies, which are great reasons to give unique gift bags of products your staff can use at home or for fun activities.

Throughout the year, continue to recognize and reward the team who plays such an important role in providing proper nourishment to staff and patients. Surprise servers with unique gifts when they're caught doing random acts of kindness, and when providing excellent customer service in cafeterias or while delivering food to patients' rooms. You can also create special aprons in bright colors to give to staff being promoted in the kitchen. From our custom tote bags to personalized apparel, trust the recognition gifts at Positive Promotions to show how much you appreciate your food services team.