Breast Cancer Awareness Key Chains & Jewelry

Breast cancer awareness key chains & jewelry
from Positive Promotions

October 2019 is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Make a fashionable statement of support at fundraisers, community outreach events, and awareness seminars with this elegant collection of breast cancer key chains and jewelry. Featuring select products designed exclusively for Positive Promotions, they're ideal for giveaways, survivor gifts, and stylish ways of sharing positive messages. From breast cancer awareness themed key tags with safety flashlights to gorgeous charm bracelets, our key chains and jewelry help promote strength, hope, and the ongoing fight for a cure.

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Open your breast cancer awareness programs up to new ideas with unique pink products from Positive Promotions. Here you'll find a selection of breast cancer awareness key chains and jewelry unlike any other, featuring exclusive products designed just for us that we are proud to offer to you at budget-friendly prices.

Foster strength and positivity at your fundraising events or awareness seminars with our exclusive jewelry items, ranging from beaded bracelets to bangles to charm bracelets. Use them as elegant reminders of courage and hope for a patient, survivor, or supporter. Each one is designed to fit most wrists and many are paired with informative cards stressing the importance of early detection.

There are also handy key chains and key tags to choose from, including gorgeous metal breast cancer pink ribbon designs, novelty mini sneakers, and more selections. For fundraiser giveaways, our safety-themed key tags make popular choices, whether they feature flashlights, carabiners, or safety whistles. Best of all, each product features a special message of inspiration and hope to help increase breast cancer awareness in your community, workplace, or medical facility.