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Featured in January

National Activity Professionals Week

Recognize the amazing staff members that raise the quality of life each and every day for all your residents. Thank them with a gift this January for their tireless creativity, hard work, and cheer!

Featured in February

Black History Month

Honor and inspire African-American achievements, heritage, and history this February (and all year-round). Positive Promotions is proud to provide products to educate and encourage people from every background.

American Heart Month

Inspire and educate your employees and the community with educational & inspirational products that encourage healthy cooking and fitness while educating about heart health awareness and heart attack prevention tactics.

Featured in March

Employee Appreciation Day

Your employees work hard every day. Recognize their dedication and diligence with unique gifts that show your appreciation. A perfect way to motivate, thank, and reward your team.

National Social Work Month

Social workers help families and individuals at extraordinarily difficult times. Honor their dedication, drive, and caring this month. Recognized nationally since the 1960s, National Social Work Month showcases the professionals that make a positive difference in so many lives.

National Doctors’ Day

Celebrate the dedicated physicians who help and heal others in hospitals and clinics around the country every day of the year. They give of themselves tirelessly with skill and commitment. Show them you’ve noticed with unique appreciation gifts from Positive Promotions.

Featured in April

National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Medical lab pros are dedicated to precision and hard work. Show them you are dedicated to them by recognizing them this April. Positive Promotions is proud to feature unique gifts with exclusive medical laboratory professional recognition themes.

National Volunteer Week

Legions of volunteers work tirelessly in every field in our country. Honor and recognize those you work with during the month of April. Positive Promotions offers a wide selection of creative gifts to show how much you appreciate their selfless contributions.

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Thank goodness for first responders and their teams! Recognize the hard work and compassion law enforcement, fire, EMS, and dispatcher team members show every day of the year with a useful and unique gift from Positive Promotions.

Featured in May

Mother’s Day

Celebrate the mothers, role models, and amazing women who inspire everyone around them with a unique gift from Positive Promotions. Through selfless actions and thoughtful guidance, these ladies make the world a better place. Show them your love and appreciation this May.

National Nurses Week

Nurses continually inspire us with their caring and dedication. Recognize their hard work and the comfort that they bring to all patients and families with a useful and unique thank-you gift from Positive Promotions.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

Inspire those that inspire our students. Staff and teachers are the heart and soul of our schools. Thank them for their hard work, positive attitudes, creative expression, and dedication teaching our children with an exclusive Positive Promotions gift.

Featured in June

Father’s Day

Think of the male role models and important fathers throughout your life, then tell them how much you appreciate the positive influence and support they have provided to you and those you hold dear. Make Father’s Day an amazing day for someone you love with a lovely gift from Positive Promotions.

Men’s Health Month

Real health problems can target the men you love. Bring awareness to possible issues and encourage the men in your life to learn about the risk factors and motivate them to visit regularly with healthcare professionals. Positive Promotions has the products you need for this important task in June.

Featured in July


Create an unforgettable celebration, without stretching your budget, with Positive Promotions’ collection of customized wedding items. From wedding favors to reception giveaways to bridal party thank-yous, find your special and memorable gifts here.

Featured in August

Awards & Recognition

Recognize the greatness in your hardworking students, employees, and staff with award ribbons, custom plaques, personalized trophies, and more from Positive Promotions. Your recipients will love that you’ve noticed their contributions.

Featured in September

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

The long road to recovery is often paved with the hard work of physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Recognize their positivity, hard work, constant encouragement, and tough love with an exclusively-themed gift this September.

International Housekeepers Week

They might be often unseen, yet their work is always appreciated. Celebrate the hard work and attention to detail your housekeeping team brings to work every day with a personal gift from Positive Promotions.

Healthcare Environmental Services Week

Your dedicated staff works hard to make your healthcare environment safe and comfortable for staff, patients, and their families. Positive Promotions has unique and useful gifts perfect for recognizing their fantastic energy and outstanding results.

Featured in October

National Respiratory Care Week

Respiratory therapists work hard to raise awareness of lung health issues and practices. Honor them for their dedication and compassion in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes with an exciting Positive Promotions gift this October.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Join the fight against this terrible disease by raising awareness and educating your community this October. Positive Promotions is committed to helping find a cure. Join us in this worthy goal!

Red Ribbon Week

Make your community a better place by spreading the word about bullying, drug, and tobacco use this October with essential items from Positive Promotions. Red Ribbon Week is designated to raise awareness on the dangers of those activities. Help those you care about create and carry on good habits throughout their lives.

Featured in November

National Radiologic Technology Week

Their skills are highly prized all year long and you count on their technical expertise. Celebrate your amazing radiology team this November with gifts from Positive Promotions that both inspire and reward.

National Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes is a real crisis in our country. Help raise awareness with educational tools from Positive Promotions that address issues for those suffering from the disease and those who support them.

National Patient Transport Week

Hospital and nursing home-based transporters and porters move patients and residents safely to and from locations and appointments. Thank them for their skill, care, and attention to safety with a unique gift this November from Positive Promotions.

Featured in December

Holiday Gifts

‘Tis the season to bring joy to co-workers and staff with a festive selection of gifts from Positive Promotions. This December, show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication with our unique, useful, and budget-friendly offerings. Happy Holidays!

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