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Promote Your College And Keep Students & Staff Happy, Healthy, And Safe!

At Positive Promotions, we're proud to offer all the essentials you'll need to support the wide range of services and activities on your college campus. Our comprehensive collection of campus life items features the most effective and economical tools to help you promote your college, recruit students and staff, welcome and orient new students to dorm life, enhance campus safety, support student and staff wellness, celebrate school spirit, and more. September Is National Campus Safety Awareness Month.
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Unique, Budget-Friendly Tools For Campus Life

Make campus life healthier, safer and easier for students, RAs, faculty and staff with distinctive products for nearly every facet of college activities! Start with a collection of college fair essentials bound to attract attention and ensure your recruiting fairs are memorable. Our eye-catching displays and decorations are perfect for campus tours, open houses, orientations, and community outreach events, and you'll also find unique portable giveaways from pens to bags to notebooks, embellished with your college name or logo to help spread the word about how your school is special.

We also offer a wealth of promotional products meant to help you easily promote health, wellness, and safety on your campus. Distribute custom products designed to educate students and staff about campus and personal safety, distracted driving, nutrition and healthy eating, breast cancer awareness, and more important topics. Stock up on popular health handouts such as tissue packs, hand sanitizers, and lip balms featuring your name, a great way to remind students and prospects how much you care about health and wellness on your campus.

You'll discover find unforgettable campus life products that boost school pride every day of the year. Custom apparel like t-shirts and hoodies, as well as accessories such as lanyards and lapel pins, help identify your staff at open houses and events and make useful appreciation gifts. They also make impressive gifts for enrolling students and great additions to the school store. Plus, we carry a complete collection of novelty and motivational handouts for sporting events and pep rallies, including water bottles, auto magnets, tote bags, backpacks and more ways to root for the home team.