Custom Decals

Custom decals

A custom decal is one of the most effective and extremely affordable advertising mediums, and you can count on Positive Promotions to help you make home, school, office, and auto stickers part of the promotional plan for your brand! We feature custom decals in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be personalized with your slogan, original artwork, or company URL.

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Reinvent The Sticker With Personalized Decals!

People won’t necessarily readily accept your handout of a brochure or business card, but nobody turns down a bright and clever sticker! Distribute your custom decals and bumper stickers in your store or at fairs, trade shows, community gatherings, and other events where you’d like to get your brand noticed.

Check out our premium safety reflective stickers – perfect for cyclists, walkers, and runners and a great giveaway for evening events. Students love to place our stickers with your product logo or school mascot on notebooks and lockers to reflect school spirit all day long. The mother lode of all promotions is our personalized bumper stickers, which help spread your message near and far!

Beyond personalized decals, Positive Promotions has a huge supply of novelty items to promote your name or product, including stress balls, silicone bracelets, plush teddy bears, and much more. No matter the occasion, we have the right solution for you and your organization.