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Pens are among the most popular –and inexpensive–customer service and corporate gift ideas. We offer a wide variety to make sure that you find the “write” one for your team and your budget. Stylus pens are totally tech-friendly for your multi-tasking customer service reps. Novelty pen “pals” encourage fun and lighten the mood in what can be a high-stress profession–and are sure to put a smile on the face of recipients. We also offer a number of unique writers that do everything from light up to navigate touchscreens to clean screens and also entertain! When you consider that each and every one of these pens come printed with our exclusive, customer service-themed messages of appreciation, it’s no wonder why so many consider our pen gifts the “write stuff”, not just for Customer Service Week, but for everyday recognition that lasts.

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“Writing” is no longer just putting pen to paper. Today’s pens must provide a lot more function to meet modern day needs. Ask any multi-tasker in the office what he or she looks for in a writer, and the answers may surprise you! Some may want a stylus to navigate touchscreens more easily. Others are looking for a built-in screen cleaner to keep their devices smudge-free. And then there are those who might just want an attractive, smooth writing pen without all the bells and whistles, or an ergonomic grip to keep their hand comfortable throughout a long day. Whatever the wants and needs of your customer service representatives, we’ve got you covered with writers that do the job and do it well–just like your customer service team!

Believe it or not, customer service pens don’t have to be boring. Of course they are useful and practical, but they can also be “cool” or “smart” or even downright fun. Browse through our selection of promotional pens to see what we mean. Then take your choice and pick the message you think will inspire your team the most. Be sure to put one in the hands of all of the deserving customer service representatives that contribute to your success.