Field Day Awards & Incentives for All Students

Planning a fun-filled school Field Day is easy with unique prizes and gifts from Positive Promotions. From colorful t-shirts to reusable sports water bottles, our budget-friendly Field Day products provide great ways to recognize and reward students during your annual outdoor event. You'll find a wealth of terrific giveaways, highlighted by our bestselling Field Day ribbons for participants and contest winners, plus more encouraging handouts to make kids feel like Olympians.

Don’t forget field day awards for those who show outstanding sportsmanship as well as apparel to outfit the many organizers and volunteers who donate their time to ensure Field Day is a hit. Be sure to get different colored t-shirts for your Field Day event to distinguish each class or grade, plus matching sports water bottles so children stay hydrated. And of course, they'll love our colorful ribbons, stickers, bracelets, and buttons that make great giveaways to commemorate your field day activities. Shop Positive Promotions today and make Field Day 2019 the best one ever!

Plan successful Field Day activities that create excitement among your students and teachers and boost spirit throughout your school. For fun partner games, try three-legged races, water balloon tosses, or a game of your own invention. One suggestion is a game where partners work together with water bottles to soak big sponges, then run to a bucket to wring out the sponge, the winner being the one who fills up the bucket first. Champions from any of these competitions could win a custom t-shirt or bracelet, and all who enter could be given a commemorative Field Day ribbon, button, or sticker. And don't forget to have plenty of sports water bottles on hand at refreshment stations, preferably kept under a canopy or in the shade.

After the activities, gather everyone for a ceremony and thank you presentation complete with Field Day medals, acknowledging not only the top performers of the day, but also children who demonstrated good sportsmanship, citizenship, and teamwork throughout the day. We’re happy to supply a selection of unique, budget-friendly items to support your successful Field Day activities and help you bring all of your ideas to reality.