Red Ribbon Week is October 23-31, 2019: Find Your Essential Supplies Now

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Celebrate Red Ribbon Week

This October, we can help you take full advantage of Red Ribbon Week to spread awareness on the dangers of bullying, drugs, and tobacco use. The entire community can come together during Red Ribbon Week to teach kids to develop good habits early in life to help them achieve future success. Our products focus on educating and promoting bully- and drug-free schools, with exclusive themes such as I Believe In Me Happy, Healthy & Drug-Free and Friends Don't Let Friends Bully Or Do Drugs. You can use Red Ribbon Week products from Positive Promotions during this event-filled week to show kids that making positive choices and living above the influence of others can be the best way to live a happy life.

Our drug awareness materials focus on education and information for your anti-drug and anti-bullying programs. The best weapon in the fight against bullying, cyberbullying, drugs, and tobacco is other children. When kids see others their age engaging in bullying or other destructive activities, they should not be afraid to tell an adult. In schools and on playgrounds, there's no better pair of eyes than those of their peers. Vigilant kids can go a long way towards protecting their friends.

Like all of the causes we promote, Red Ribbon Week shares an amazingly positive message every day of the year. We're here to help support your programs and special events with wristbands, water bottles, bookmarks, and of course, red ribbons. Whatever you choose to promote your Red Ribbon Week ideas, our red ribbon promotional items will make this an enjoyable and educational week for kids.

Red Ribbon Week came about in the wake of the tragic death of former Calexico, CA policeman and DEA Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena. Murdered while on the trail of a noted drug trafficker, Camarena was honored by California Congressmen Duncan Hunter and his high school friend Henry Lozano, who organized "Camarena Clubs" in Calexico. Many of the club members began to wear red ribbons to mark the sacrifice of Camarena and others, at the same time pledging to lead drug-free lives.

This red ribbon movement spread across California and the U.S. until 1988, when Congress officially designated the last week of October as the first Red Ribbon Week. Honorary chairpersons President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan helped lent credibility to the holiday, which was also sponsored by the National Family Partnership. Today, more than 80 million students and adults in America join in activities each year to make Red Ribbon Week a lasting dedication to the memory of Agent Camarena, and to support the ongoing fight against drug abuse across the country.