Celebrate Field Day 2017!

Hold a memorable day of fun and educational fitness events for students with rewards, medals, and prizes from Positive Promotions. We carry colorful Field Day t-shirts, white Field Day t-shirts, and sports water bottles, along with cool tags, bracelets, stickers, and Field Day ribbons with positive messages for both event winners and participants. Stock up on exciting recognition gifts for kids as well as the valuable teachers and volunteers who help make the day of fresh air and fair play a success.
Field Day's colorful water bottles help young students keep hydrated while being active
Field Day tattoos can be used as a spirit boosters which promote teamwork and good sportsmanship
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Promote Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Fitness, & Fun On Field Day!

Planning a fun-filled Field Day at your school is easy with the help of unique prizes and gifts from Positive Promotions. From colorful t-shirts and white t-shirts to reusable sports water bottles, our selection of budget-friendly Field Day products provides great ways to recognize and reward students during your annual outdoor event. You'll find various Field Day ribbons for participants and contest winners, plus encouraging medals to make kids feel like Olympians. Plus, don’t forget awards for those who show outstanding sportsmanship, as well as the many organizers and volunteers who donate their time to ensure the day is a success.

Field Day is the perfect time to reward students for their hard work throughout the year while promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, fitness, and health. It's a terrific idea that gives them a break from their studies and gets them outdoors in the fresh air for some fun competitions and activities. Be sure to get different colored field day t-shirts or white t-shirts for your event to distinguish each class or grade, plus matching water bottles so children stay hydrated. And of course, they'll love our colorful ribbons, lapel pins, stickers, bracelets, and buttons to provide incentives and commemorate the event.